Kalmak Chemists Ltd t/a Osbon Pharmacy

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Phone Number: 020 7633 0552

Mobile Number: 020 7633 0552

Location on south side of Blackfriars Bridge:

Opposite Marigold Alley off the river walk:

Customer Reviews

I was seen within 5 minutes by a member of staff about a couple of nasty horsefly bites I had. I have had previous bites that have caused me to go to A&E in the past and be put on antibiotics, but I was hoping this could be avoided. The pharmacist recommended some cream to keep the swelling contained, and holding an ice pack on my bites for around 8-10 minutes. I did all this and within 24 hours all irritation had gone and the bites were almost non-existence. Was an easy, hassle free and cheap experience that saved me a lot of discomfort.

by Alex Fox ★★★★★

Thank you for a speedy delivery and great customer service. Derek

by Derek ★★★★★
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