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Phone Number: 020 7633 0552

Mobile Number: 020 7633 0552

Location on south side of Blackfriars Bridge:

Opposite Marigold Alley off the river walk:


Don't have time to visit your doctor for a check up? Worry no more, because Kalmak Chemists Ltd t/a Osbon Pharmacy is here to save you from transportation expense. We can do this through our online GP service – MedicSpot.

By visiting our pharmacy, you can have a conversation with one of our online doctors.

Real-time Access to a Certified Doctor Online

Get access to our doctors online in real-time. We have a laptop and testing equipment available in our pharmacy. Using our laptop, you will be given attention by a doctor virtually.

The doctor will offer a consultation face to face through our online service. This makes it easy for you to speak to a doctor when you need to.

Do you need an issue of prescription as required by your doctor?

The online service is the most convenient way of getting treatment where you don't need to spend time for travelling. You can connect with our online doctors and physician for consultation any available time that you have.

Complete Consultation is Guaranteed

Our licensed healthcare professionals are here for you. We can offer a flexible consultation and medication service. Now, you can easily manage to receive your prescription in the most convenient manner.

The consultation includes measuring your BP, temperature, pulse and any other essential aspect of your health. Also, we dispense prescriptions from doctors in our  pharmacy. Our fast service enables our clients to get the most efficient results from our pharmacy.

When you're running out of time, all you need is to make a virtual appointment with us for your medical needs. You can pay for this service online by using Paypal, a credit card or through our pharmacy.

With Kalmak Chemists Ltd t/a Osbon Pharmacy, you get a safe, discreet, manageable and convenient treatment. This is done through the assistance of our virtual doctors and physicians. The moment you call us for consultation, you'll immediately get the service.

MedicSpot makes everything easier and more convenient for you. Save time and money with us as we create an instant connection with our clients with the aid of advanced technology.