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Home From Hospital Care

Will you be entering to a hospital in the near future?

Are you concerned exactly how you will cope when you return house?

Do you have a good friend or family member that will be coming out of a medical facility?

Are they worried exactly how they would take care of in the initial few weeks?

This is where Home from Hospital care could help you.

Each hospital has its own discharge policy. You should be able to get a copy of this from the ward manager or the healthcare facility's Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). The discharge plan should specify how individuals and carers are involved in discharge planning. You could choose whether you want a household carer associated with decisions about your future care.

Services are available to anyone that has been in hospital. You could be referred by a physician, social workers and from patients or their family members.

Home carers will:

Pick up Shopping and/or prescriptions Bring a food parcel on the day of discharge for individuals that have nobody to look for them Go to for a friendly conversation Go to the bank or post office Assist you to visit a medical facility, physician, hairdresser or optician Offer advice Aid you figure out costs and various other paperwork that might have collected while you have remained in hospital Liaise with a wide variety of legal, volunteer and commercial services on your behalf Offer respite care Arrange for furnishings to be moved within your home Make plans for pet dogs to be re-homed or briefly cared for

A discharge evaluation takes a look at the requirements you are likely to have when you're discharged or moved from hospital. Many people only require a small amount of support when they leave the hospital, but others will certainly need a much more thorough bundle of care.

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