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Avoiding Loneliness

No one wishes to feel separated and alone. However, for people with dementia, isolation can be among one of the most common and excruciating effects.

Loneliness and isolation is a problem for many older people. But it's particularly tough if they are additionally dealing with mental deterioration. Individuals with dementia tend to be lonelier compared to the population as a whole. A survey by the Alzheimer's Society in 2013 located 38% of individuals with mental deterioration felt lonely.

The nature of dementia makes isolation worse instead of loneliness causing dementia. Although there is evidence that the threat of Alzheimer's more than doubles in older individuals experiencing loneliness.

Researchers in the Netherlands have found that individuals that feel lonely are most likely to establish dementia later in life.

With an ageing population in the UK, social seclusion of the elderly is already an expanding issue. It will be essential to recognise even more about its effects on our health and wellness.

Carer loneliness makes dementia treatment also harder

When you're looking after an older adult with dementia, it's common to experience caregiver loneliness. It feels like nobody else recognises what you're undergoing, even if you have an excellent support group.

You also may not share the full details with friend or family because you want to secure them from the harsh truth of the scenario. This frequently substances the anxiety and makes you feel isolated.

Carers cannot gain from the benefits of social supports if there are not nearly enough caring individuals in their lives. In some cases, this is beyond their control. Friends and even member of the family tend to shy away from individuals with mental deterioration.

However, caregivers can optimise their links to others. They can lessen seclusion by determining those real friends in their lives. These will be present for them throughout the caregiving experience.

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