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Natural and Homoeopathic Remedies in SE1

When you are seeking natural remedies to use for your medical issues you may have a job finding a place that can provide everything you require including all of the information you may want as well, well we can help. Here at Kalmak Chemists we have a wide range of Homoeopathic and Natural Remedies available and all the help you may need choosing the perfect one as well.

Homeopathic remedies are the corner stone of Homeopathy; homeopathy is a system of healing that assists the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. Homeopathy dates back to as early as 1796, it was developed by a German physician by the name of Samuel Christian Hahnemann and ever since then it has been rising to fame in Europe and North America. Homeopathic remedies seek to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself; it does this by giving you a small dose of highly diluted substances made from herbs, animal resources and minerals.

Natural remedies work a lot like homeopathic remedies the only real difference being that they are not as diluted, you tend to see other natural remedies in pill form or powders to add to drink, these can be used in conjunction with prescribed medicine or by themselves however it is always important to seek advice before stopping prescribed medication.

We have a large range of Homoeopathic and Natural Remedies here at Kalmak Chemists and also have a large amount of information if you would like any assistance in choosing the perfect natural remedy to help you.

For more information regarding our Homoeopathic and Natural Remedies please do feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.