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First Aid Supplies in Lambeth and SE1

Here at Kalmak Chemists we strive to offer our customers everything they will need to tackle a lot of medical issues, we work hard to ensure that when you come in to our chemists you will find the thing you came looking for.

We have a wide range of first aid supplies to tackle a lot of medical issues, our range of first aid supplies stem from plasters to complete kits, whatever your need for first aid we have a kit or component that will suit that need.

If you would like a first aid kit that you can leave in your car or to take travelling with you then we have the perfect one for you, we have small kits which will fit in to a glove box or your suitcase easily to ensure you are prepared to tackle most first aid tasks. We also have larger ones which are perfect for businesses.

We sell many products separately as well, these can either be used as a one off product or used to refill your existing first aid kit, we have a range of plasters, bandages, slings, creams, hot and cold packs and a whole lot more. You could use these products to create your own kit if you have a specific need in mind.

The possibilities are pretty much endless so to help we have an expert team which can guide you to the right products and help you choose the perfect one to stock your first aid kit with.

First aid is an important thing to consider, first aid kits are not just for paper cuts they can save you from a lot of pain so it is worth getting into the habit of checking yours regularly to see if you need to replace anything.