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Asthma Control in Southwark and Lambeth

Kalmak Chemists Ltd t/a Osbon Pharmacy offer a range of products and information about asthma control and inhaler techniques for customers throughout Southwark, Waterloo, Lambeth and South East London.

To discover if you require improved help with controlling your asthma, we can carry out an advice service which will consider the following questions:

  • Has your asthma prevented you from getting activities completed at home, work or school?
  • How often do you experience shortness of breath?
  • Do you get woken at night or early morning by symptoms of asthma including; wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath or coughing?
  • How often do you require use of your reliever inhaler?
  • How do you rate your asthma control?

Asthma Medication in South East London

Using your asthma inhaler

The most common method of taking asthma medicines is by using an inhaler. An inhaler provides a reliable benefit as it allows you to breathe the medicines directly into your lungs. Kalmak Chemists Ltd t/a Osbon Pharmacy offer help and advice with inhaler use and proper technique. We can provide useful information about the following types of inhaler:

  • Metered Dose Inhaler
  • Autohaler
  • Accuhaler
  • Peak Flow Meter
  • EasiBreathe Inhaler
  • Easyhaler
  • Turbohaler
  • Small Volume Spacer

Pharmacy in Waterloo and Southwark

Kalmak Chemists Ltd t/a Osbon Pharmacy offer a range of services, prescriptions and products for people with asthma throughout Waterloo, Southwark and Lambeth. We can provide help and advice with asthma control, inhaler techniques and providing medicines and prescriptions. Our prescription delivery services are available throughout the following areas of South East London.

  • Southwark
  • Mayfair
  • Lambeth

  • Waterloo
  • Farringdon
  • Blackfriars

Please contact us today for further information by calling 020 7633 0552 or by completing our contact form.